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Nobody knows Pests & Termites like Redlands Pest Control.  



Your best defence against termites & servicing your Brisbane home, is a Redlands Pest Control Professional experts in Termite Treatment, Brisbane.

Our Termite Control certified professionals know which termites thrive in Brisbane & The Redlands and the trusted method in termite treatments and termite colony control for your home or business.

Our Termite Inspection certified professionals provide the best methods, procudres and techniques for termite inspection in Brisbane,

Regular termite inspections in Brisbane are the most important part of controlling termites before they do any damage.

  •  Why Choose Redlands Pest Control 

Every customer receives a FREE BRISBANE TERMITE CONTROL RISK ASSESSMENT for your home, that includes a customised termite treatment proposal for your Brisbane &/or Redlands property.

There is no better defence against termites than a customised termite inspection for Brisbane and termite treatment plan from Redlands Pest Control. 

After a comprehensive pest inspection, of your Brisbane home, we will prescribe a customised combination of termite treatment, Brisbane methods designed to help protect your biggest investment. 

Redlands Pest Control termite control treatment techniques on your Brisbane &/or Redlands property are specific to the construction type of your property, because we understand that every building and home is unique. 

Our Pest Inspection Brisbane Technicians are experienced in various termite treatments for Brisbane and the Redlands including:

  • active termite treatments and termite indentification , 
  • termite nests,
  • termites in timber retaining walls
  • internal termite treatment
  • pest inspection for locating concealed entry termite points
  • annual termite inspections, Brisbane and the Redlands.

After the termite treatment, has been installed, every customer receives a customised diagram & termite inspection report all in accord with the Australian Standards AS 3660 for termite control and management for Brisbane and the Redlands.  


  • Rapid Response Termite Control and Termite Inspections Brisbane Team


If you need us, contact us. We'll have a proposed termite and pest solution for you within 24 hours.


  • 5 year warranty


No other termite control company can offer you a stronger warranty than Redlands Pest Control.


You'll come to call it ultimate peace of mind.


If termites happen to return following your treatment, we promise to re-treat the problem at no additional charge.* Conditions apply*


We only use the most effective and latest products & technology for our termite control and termite inspections, including:

Camilleri Underslab Injection System - Reticulation System

Homeguard Precision Termite Management - Physical Treated Zone/Barrier

Sentricon Termite Bait & Monitoring Stations.

Term-A-Trac - A Termite Detection Tool  

Termidor - Chemical Treated Zone/Barrier






TermX Replinshment System




 Altis Termite Reticulation System




Dupont Altriset Termiticide 



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Every day you wait can make pests harder to eradicate. 

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Your Redlands Pest Control Professional chooses only from our advanced solutions designed specifically for Brisbane and the Redlands ensuring the safest and yet most effective pest management techniques for your family and home.


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