Pest management is a highly complex industry consisting of numerous specialised and intricate areas. It’s common for both existing customers and new enquirers to regularly request additional or situation-specific information regarding our pest or termite services or their own circumstances.

Explore our collection of Frequently Asked Questions to browse detailed answers to our most queried topics and concerns.

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Professional pest controllers are extensively trained and experienced in identifying, locating and selecting the most effective treatment to exterminate pests. They’re also licensed to handle poisons and chemicals, fully insured and can guarantee you’ll be left with a pest-free home or business following treatment.

Our technicians will also recommend actions you can take yourself to maintain a high level of ongoing protection.

Treatment options and processes will vary depending on the pests discovered, the infestation’s severity and the nature of the environment being treated. Common treatments we utilise include, baits, dusts, hand sprayed chemicals and mists; none of which will damage property.

We recommend booking a pest and termite inspection annually at a minimum to ensure the most effective efforts are continued to safeguard your property. Severe infestations may required more frequent inspections or treatment applications, however it’s best to contact us for a more accurate determination.

Not at all! Redlands Pest Control uses only industry-tested and certified treatments and are completely safe should accidental contact ever be made with chemicals, bait stations or other products.

Under some circumstances, we may ask customers to be absent from the site while treatment is applied. This is generally if someone is onsite who is pregnant, has allergies or suffers from asthma.

No, preparing for unpleasant odours isn’t necessary with our treatments.

Some treatments are designed to eradicate pest colonies over several days. This means pest movement is oftentimes still noticeable immediately following treatment.

Our experts will inspect your initial discovery and determine the most appropriate treatment option to both eliminate pest colonies and deter them from returning.

We’ll explain our assessment and discuss options, pricing and ongoing preventative measures you can implement to strengthen our treatments effectiveness even further.

It’s extremely rare for Australian insurance companies to offer policies covering termite damage. You could try contacting your insurer for further details, however frequent preventative control measures and extermination treatments are still highly recommended.

Pest treatment and termite control costs vary depending on the nature of the infestation and its severity. Visit our Request a Quote page to tell us about your findings, arrange an inspection and receive a more accurate price estimate for our proposed treatment.